Kat Buchanan

Uni of Life & a million CPD's

Career Summary:

University of Life and then worked for Boots in all manner of positions for 8/9 years from stock control to team leader, then management then stepped down to Dispensing. Moved from there to Practice management in current role & have been here for 6 years. It is a mixed independent and over the years it has taught me so many things. I have been incredibly lucky that I have been given the room to develop as a leader and have had some very challenging moments that i have learned a lot from

Interested in sharing:

I would be interested in listening and helping to guide them towards there next steps. I have a very analytical brain for business and have helped to grow the practice to increase profit while maintaining our value of provided very personal care to each client. Guidance around working as part of a team as well. You cannot do it alone.

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