Jo Woods

Leadership and Development Coach

Career Summary:

I launched my business, Shine Coaching, in February 2020 to work with organisations and grow their business by supporting and upskilling recently promoted managers through 1:1 coaching and mentoring. Prior to that I spent 26 years at Veterinary Business Development (publisher of Veterinary Times), with eight years as a director and five years as Managing Director on the Board. Running an organisation of 35 people across multiple teams, my favourite part of the job was helping them overcome problems and seeing them go from puzzled and stuck - to knowing exactly what to do next.

Interested in sharing:

Through 1:1 coaching and mentoring I help clients become great leaders as they increase their emotional intelligence, become more confident and less overwhelmed, more focused on priorities and better at decision making.
Leadership mindset | Communication | Trust | Delegation | Teamwork | Boundaries

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