Emily Whitehouse

Liverpool John Moores University First Class Honours Degree in Zoology, Oxford College of Marketing CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing, Cranfield University Key Account Management training course, Expression for growth Presenting to make a difference training course

Career Summary:

Emily Whitehouse is the head of marketing within the ruminant business unit at MSD Animal Health, where she leads a team of 4 product managers that cover the sheep and cattle product portfolios. Emily graduated with an animal science and zoology degree from the University of Liverpool in 2013, where she was then employed by MSD Animal Health as a field sales account manager. Emily has then worked in various national multispecies sales roles within MSD, leading up to her heading up the ruminant marketing team in 2019.

Interested in sharing:

I have always been intrigued by the complete customer journey experience and the impact a company can have at each stage. Truly understanding the customer needs and how the articulation of solutions can add perceived value to a customer really excites me. I have worked within various sales positions since a young girl and have developed a passion for customer management, team alignment and the power of communication. My Yorkshire heritage supports my direct approach when required but is balanced out by my creative presentation delivery. Skills i would like to support are:
-Sales development
-Customer journey and experience
-Presentation skills
-Leadership skills and developing a strategy
-Launching a strategy
-Communication skills
-Personal development and personal branding

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